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Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tub Chemicals

Do you feel like you need a chemistry degree to run your hot tub?

Are you overwhelmed by all the hot tub chemicals, test-kits, and instructions that are par the course with a new hot tub purchase? Don’t fret! In this article we simplify the science behind the chemicals, so you can maintain your hot tub with fuss-free confidence. Read on for more!


If you want to protect your investment and enjoy your hot tub’s crystal-clear water for years to come, you’re going to need chemicals. Keeping your hot tub clean, clear and sanitized comes with the territory because let’s face it – no one wants to soak in a cloudy or bacteria-laden hot tub!


There are two types of sanitizers that you will need to check and add regularly to your hot tub: chlorine and/or bromine. They both kill bacteria, but both have their differences. Let’s quickly examine those below:


Chlorine is an aggressive bacteria killer, which can create an unpleasant smell when mixed with hot, steamy water. The reason behind the smell is because when it encounters bacteria or algae, it eliminates them and creates a chemical reaction called oxidation.


Bromine is a popular choice for hot tub owners because it’s odorless. Unlike chlorine, bromine keeps on killing bacteria and doesn’t die after an attack. In fact, oxidizing breathes new life into used up bromides and it’s compatible with a wide range of pH levels.


For your sanitizers to work effectively, you’ll need to check the balance or pH levels of your water. This is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a solution is, on a scale of 0 to 14.  The perfect hot tub pH level sits between 7.2 and 7.6.  Anything below a reading of seven is considered acidic, while a higher reading indicates an alkaline solution.

You can check the balance of your hot tub or spa water, with the pH test kit that comes with your hot tub. It’s simply a matter of dipping a test strip into a small sample of water and checking it against the color chart.


We recommend testing your water’s pH level and sanitizer levels daily or after each use, with the test strips that come in your test kit.  It’s also a good idea to oxidize your hot tub weekly. This shocks off any dead chlorine that may be lingering in the water, along with body oils, sweat, dirt, and urine. It also increases the bather comfort and restores the sparkle back to your water.

So, now you know why chemicals are needed for your hot tub, and how often you need to sanitize, your hot tub maintenance should be a breeze. However, if you’re maintenance-shy, you can always hire a local company to service it for you.

CLEARRAY Active Oxygen

With a Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub, you don’t have to tackle all water maintenance on your own. All new Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are equipped with the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen System. CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ harnesses the natural, safe and effective power of oxygen and light to treat the water, keeping it cleaner and safer for longer.


Do you need a chemical starter kit? Why not check out our complete line of water care products to balance the water in your hot tub? You can also bring a sample of your hot tub water for a complete water testing solution. Visit WCI Pools and Spas today! We have two locations in Iowa and our staff are always happy to help.

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