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Swim Spas - The Best Water Exercise You Can Get!

It’s a pool, spa, and gym all in one! If you’ve been looking for a new and refreshing way to get or stay in shape, or if you’re tired of sore feet and aching joints, water exercise in a swim spa may be for you. With swim spas from Dimension One, Sentry and more, WCI Pools & Spas can help you find a swim spa that perfectly suits you and your family. Because it’s low impact and can easily be tailored to match your abilities, everyone from athletes to seniors can benefit from water exercise. Working out in your own swim spa can be a great way to gain cardiovascular stamina, improve strength and flexibility, enhance body contours, increase circulation, and rehabilitate healing muscles.

Swim spas are one-piece mini-pools equipped with both large jets to create a variable resistance current stream, and smaller hydrotherapy jets. This allows you to swim, jog, exercise, or simply relax with family and friends. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, in the ground, above the ground or half and half. Swim spas provide all the benefits and functions of a full-sized pool and a spa at a fraction of the cost. Less space, less water, fewer chemicals and less energy to heat mean that a swim spa from WCI Pools and Spas could be the perfect answer to all of your exercise and relaxation needs.

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