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Keep Your Hot Tub In Shape All Year Long

Posted on 08/01/2015 at 12:00 AM by Chad Higgins

Year Round Tips for Maintaining Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub can bring you enjoyment and health benefits all year long. But while you're combatting the chill of winter or the dry heat of summer, you'll want to make sure you properly maintain your spa through the changing seasons. Look after your spa, and it will last for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to maintain it year-round:


You'll find immediate benefits to soaking in your spa during the winter. Once you ease into the soothing hot water, you may find cold related aches and pains easing. A soak in your hot tub is also a great way to fight off the chill after a day spent outdoors. Help your hot tub fight off the chill as well by keeping an insulated cover on the hot tub, which will keep the water temperature constant and prevent long hours (and energy use) waiting for it to heat up. Also, don't forget to activate your spa's freeze protection system (if so equipped) to prevent the pipes from freezing. 


The season of new life brings blooming plants, allergies, and rainstorms. Hopping in your spa during Spring can not only provide relaxation, but help alleviate nose and chest congestion from the inevitable flu and allergy season. To make sure those warm waters are ready for you Spring is a good time to drain and clean your hot tub. Pay special attention to the filters, which should receive a deep cleaning (or be replaced) to ensure the clean clear water for your Springtime soaks.


The dry heat of the summer months may drive you indoors and out of the sun. Protect your spa's physical integrity by keeping it out of direct sunlight, too. Keep your hot tub underneath an awning, gazebo, or even just an umbrella: this will help prevent the sun from damaging the exterior skirting and drying out the cover.


Fall brings cooler and shorter days and trees changing colors. Don't share your hot tub space with fallen leaves; if possible, keep your spa clear of trees that might drop refuse into it. Sift out any debris that falls into your tub to prevent if from clogging the filtering systems. This is a good time to drain your spa and flush the plumbing system - after the heat of summer but before icy weather sets in.

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