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Pool and Spa Electrical Safety

Posted on 07/01/2015 at 09:57 AM by Chad Higgins

Pool and Spa Electrical Safety


Turn off all electrical equipment to pool or spa before servicing equipment.

Timers and automatic controls can unexpectedly turn on while servicing equipment.  This can cause serious personal injury or damage to the equipment. 


Follow all instructions supplied with your equipment for safe serving and repairs. 

Manufacturers are constantly updating their recommendations for performing the safest and easiest repair procedures for their equipment. 


Have your pool area tested for electrical safety.

Electrical and pool professionals have equipment to test your pool and adjoining area for electrical safety. 


Do not swim when there is a possibility of lightning.

A pool is a natural ground for lightning to strike.  Lightning need not strike you or the pool to injure someone in the pool. 


Do not allow electrical appliances within 10 feet of the pool or spa (radios, lamps, etc.).

Electrical appliances can cause serious electrical shock if they come in contact with water.


Do not install any electrical switches in a location that would require you to reach over pool equipment to turn them on or off. 

Serious injury can be incurred if the filter separates or contact is made with moving parts of a pump when reaching for an electrical switch. 


If a tingling sensation is felt in or near the pool, shut off all electrical power to pool equipment. 

Call a pool professional or electrician to check the pool for electrical safety before allowing anyone to use the pool.  Electrical leakage in a pool area could come from any electrical source.  If a tingling sensation is felt, electrical leakage is probably present.  Even with the power off, electrical leakage in the pool can be very dangerous. 

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