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Spring Cleaning for Your Swimming Pool

Posted on 04/15/2015 at 12:00 AM by Chad Higgins

Spring Cleaning for Your Swimming Pool

After your pool is opened and the equipment is running, you are ready to start preparing the water for the swimming season ahead. To do so, the following guidelines are suggested;

1) Clean debris from skimmer, pool bottom, and other areas in and around the pool.
2) Hand vacuum the pool thoroughly to remove dirt and debris from the winter. Run the filter pump continuously while brushing and vacuuming the pool. Backwash the filter as needed. If there is an excessive amount of dirt, algae, or other small debris on the bottom, you may want to vacuum on the waste position of the filter valve. Some types of automatic cleaners do not function well in cold pool water.
3) Test the water or bring a water sample to our store for analysis.
4) Treat the water with a metal remover (Sequa-Sol or Staintrine in non-salt pools) to remove any metals that may have been introduced over the winter. NOTE: Salt water pools should be treated with Cell Extend to remove metals.
5) Adjust level of total alkalinity and then pH with appropriate products.
6) Add a clarifying agent (Super-Blue, Sea-Klear, or Ultima Enzyme Clarifier) to aid the filter in removing fine particles.
7) Shock the pool water with an oxidizing agent as per label directions. Granular products such as dichlor, Oxy-Brite, or calcium hypochlorite can be used. Do not use calcium hypochlorite in a salt-water pool as it may accelerate calcification of the chlorine generator grid.

Once the pool is clean and the chemical levels are balanced, resume the normal maintenance routine and enjoy the swimming season.

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