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Expert Help for Your Swimming Pool

Posted on 04/15/2015 at 12:00 AM by Chad Higgins

Expert Help for Your Swimming Pool

We want to get to know you & your pool!

Details are important! The more we know, about your pool the better we can help you!

It takes an experienced, well trained pool professional to assist you with your pool care. Don’t rely on the bottle instructions alone and be leery of sales clerks who may think chlorine is the “end all” for pool problems. Check out the scenarios below. You may be surprised how many things you need to consider when it comes to finding a solution to a pool problem or info about basic maintenance!


Mr. Poolowner just had a new 20,000 gallon pool built by XYZ Pool Company. His pool has white plaster. Down the street Mr. Neighbor also had a new 12,000 gallon, black bottom pool built by the same company.

QUESTION? Should Mr. Poolowner and Mr. Neighbor take care of their new pools in the exact same way?

ANSWER: NO! Not exactly. Every single pool is different, old or new! Even though the basic maintenance such as testing your water, adding chemicals and filtration should be performed on a regular schedule for ALL pools there is a lot more to take into consideration. Read on...

Mr. Poolowner has a wife, 3 children and a dog that likes to swim.
Mr. Neighbor and his wife live alone.
Mr. Poolowner has maintenance free landscaping. Just his pool and a beautiful lawn and play area.
Mr. Neighbor has a lush, tree covered backyard and flowering bushes enhancing the beauty of his pool.
Mr. Poolowner’s pool gets sunlight most of the day.
Mr. Neighbor’s pool gets partial sunlight.
Mr. Poolowner had an automatic pool cleaner installed when his pool was built.
Mr. Neighbor chose not to get an automatic pool cleaner.
Mr. Poolowner chose to have a big 2 hp pump installed with his pool.
Mr. Neighbor chose to have a 1/2 hp energy efficient pump installed.

All of these things, and more, should be taken into consideration when it comes to “your” pool problems and pool maintenance. From how much chlorine and other chemicals you will use to how long you run your filter all depend upon such scenarios.

All of us at WCI Pool & Spa are here to help you, answer questions and give you the professional advice, correct remedies and the friendly service that you deserve.

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