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The Early Bird Gets the Clean Pool!

Posted on 04/01/2015 at 12:00 AM by Chad Higgins

Do the kids keep asking, “When are we opening the pool?” Tired of looking at that winter cover? Wondering what you’ll find underneath?

Over the years we have learned that the earlier you open your pool, the less trouble you will have getting it clean and clear. In fact, those who open earlier usually reduce other expenses related to pool start-up. If you experienced a rough time last year with pool water clearing, you may want to open early this season to help avoid that problem. Algae begins to grow at a water temperature of about 55°. Don’t wait until it is 80° outside to open your pool. Giving pools the right start in spring will set the stage for the entire season. Using WCI pool care products combined with professional advice is the way to go. Now is the time to call and schedule your pool opening.

Our pool opening service includes: remove and clean the winter cover, reinstall the equipment plugs, gauges and baskets, connect the plumbing and equipment (including the salt chlorine generator), install handrails and ladders, start-up and check operation of pump and heater, and introduce initial chemical treatment.

Spring Opening Reminders to our Pool customers: --Have electrical power on to equipment and outlets;--Water source and garden hose available;--Leave the following items out by the pool (If not left out, a charge will be added for them): Baskets, Plugs, Return Eyeball Fittings, Ladders, Rails, Gauges, Handles, Other

Pool owners scheduling our pool opening service will save 15% on pool chemicals ordered and delivered when we open your pool.

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